Infant Care Program

Our staff provide a warm nurturing and safe environment for infants to develop and reach age appropriate milestones. The teachers lovingly, verbally and physically engage the infants throughout the day by focusing on the unique learning abilities of each child while simulating your child’s development through play. We work hand and hand with the families to achieve a wonderful experience for your infant and set the foundation for the cognitive stimulations through conversation, interaction and responsive relationships.

Our room is designed with bright colors, soothing environment, secure open space, and defined areas. This shoeless environment encourages your baby to interact, explore, and discover stimulating activities to help them grow. As your infant tries new skills and masters them, the teacher will respond to his/her growing independence by giving them more challenges in their routine and daily schedule through our developmental curriculum. Little People’s Village uses Creative Curriculum for promoting learning through play to ensure the best experience of developmental milestones. Please read the information on our curriculum.

Toddler Program

We encourage our toddlers to explore their classroom to create a sense of independence and confidence. With the combined resources of direct one-on-one teacher interaction, small group interaction, and independent exploration, we feel that this is the perfect compilation to watch our toddlers successfully develop into little explorers.